Kat has been practicing yoga since 1974 – over forty years.
She's been teaching for over twenty. She is also a certified massage therapist.

Kat received her accreditation in the vinyasa or flow style of yoga with its founder, Ganga White. Here, postures move effortlessly, one into the other – seamlessly – like the breath. This may be extremely vigorous - a physically challenging work-in that isometrically strengthens the muscles as it conditions the mind. It may also be delightfully gentle.

Kat tailors her classes to the level of her students’ yoga experience with compassion and a sense of humor – no overcrowded ninety-degree rooms, no gongs, no harnesses, no Springsteen. Just quiet, classic slow-flow hatha yoga accompanied by the breath.

Her book, Voices from the Mat – Yoga Poems and Meditations is now available on Amazon.

Experience Life after Breath.