"Cool, but spooky. A five-star fantasy adventure!"
-- Zoey Kutsko, age 10 more

My new book, Kika and Sniff - Adventure in the Belowlands is now out on Amazon! It's awesome!

Check out my updated acting reel. It's scary fun.

Acting Reel
I'm thrilled to have been cast as Morgan, a lead role
in the upcoming Lifetime movie, "Dying for a Baby"

Here are my movie daughter, Amber and her friend, Dave. movie daughter, Amber and her friend, Dave.

I'm appearing in advertisements for El Castillo Senior Living!

El Castillo Senior Living

El Castillo Senior Living


N e w  P a i n t i n g s 






My two 100 word poems, Truchas and Santa Fe May are included in the Los Gatos Press' new anthology,
Weaving the Terrain.
Click here to read.

My Autumn Celebration as been chosen to
appear in the Suisan Valley Review - 2018 Spring Edition

Autumn Celebration

Thunder Glow
Mark Katrinak

Prevalent here, the lightening throws a pose

and looks an empty interstate of sorts,

suspends an evening's gaze to a sprawling

river with many empty mouths to feed.

Reflection on a shallow water, cloud

on cloud and riffs of blue on blue,

the thunder cannot match the flash�

storm light's discharging pleasantries.

Barely visible tall grasses�wind

roils all the vacant surfaces,

mind's mix of troubles. Stars are trapped

backstage behind curtains of clouds�,

any visitor takes back seat to these

theatrics: voltage safe at this remove.

My poem, The Shore appears in the 2017 Lummox Press Anthology
Click here to read
The Shore

Tucked between two briny rocks

a lavender anemone contorts and waves

her fleshy arms

in rhythm with the sea.


The ocean rushes in to claim my feet -

her sandy, foaming fingers

vainly hissing in retreat.


I troll the strand for gifts

presented by the tide:

A tennis ball

A lobster claw

A plastic shovel

intertwined with kelp and fishing line.


A gull strolls nonchalantly near to me –

his clever eye considering the possibility

of sharing in my noon repast.


He opens wide his beaky lips

and with a shrill, indignant screech,

he wings away along the beach

to raid some unsuspecting bather’s

bag of pita chips.


Pelicans patrol in fine formation

breaking rank to plunge face-first

into the herring-rich lagoon.


A spout.

A spray.

A barnacle-gray giant

breaks the far horizon

bounding on to colder waters north

to feed and breed,

then, south again to tropic calving grounds.


The tang of sea wind tangling my hair

A tropic ocean pulsing through my veins,

I walk the shore.

My feet sink deep.

Two footsteps pause for one brief life,

then wash away and are no more.