Kat Sawyer - Fine Art - Plein Air
© kat sawyer.
   all rights reserved.
These paintings have been sold.
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Downstream Canyon Oaks El Campo Chamisas and Cottonwood
Dappled Shallows Morning at the Gorge Summer Idyll Sunrise
Valley Vista Convergence The Foothills Golden
Cottonwood Twlight Chamisas Winter Moonrise Emerald Valley
Flaxen Trail First Snow on the Sangre Aliso Summer Storm
Reverie Arroyo Silver Quiet Light Winter Chill
TaoS Mesa Sunrise Ablaze Mesa View
Winters Rest Winter Creek High Desert Spring Early Summer Sundown
Autumn Mist Autumn Celebration Early Snow Day Glow
Breaking Through Spirit Pedernal Moonrise Spirit of the Land
Tranquility Primavera Golden Time Afternoon Shadows
Along the Gila Dawn on the Mesa Crescendo Dream Time
Appaloosa Sky La Chamisa Sunset Offering Quiet Time
Gossamer Twilight Perfect Stillness Vermillion Sky Sky Fire
Bluebonnets Summer Winter Spirit Mesa by Moonlight
Luminous Abiquiu Morning Day's Retreat Bright Horizon
Open Field Night Full of Stars Golden Field Mesa Vista
Purple Rain High Desert Summer Half Dome Lavender Clouds
Summer Sky Bosque As the Moon Rises Full Bloom
Setting Sun Gold in Winter Serenity Sherbet Sky
Sedona Monsoon Sundown Silver Splendor Zion
Quiet Night Reflection in the Reeds Spring in the Valley Half Light Half Dome
Cloudance Winter Fire Golden View Pewter Tide #2
Pewter Tide #1 Cliffs at Dawn The Gift Chamisa!
Radiance Distant Lights Winter Gold Moon Over Pedernal
High Desert Dawn East Light Yellow Field Sunset Gold
Warm Prairie Summer's Gift Sunrise Mesa Aspen View
Mesa Moon Pale Storm Serene Prairie Moon
Glory Moonrising Silver Ribbon Grace
Tangerine Sky Golden Hill Wild Mustard Three Sisters
Twilight Moon The Gorve Autumn's Joy Quiet Creek
Autumn Joy Pasadena Golden Moment Aspen Gold
Chamisa Dream Golden Meadow Tocatta & Fugue Crimson Spirit
Storm's Gift Oasis Burgundy Twilight Arcadian Grove
Lifting Fog Raspberry Sunset Turquoise Sky Valley Twilight
Ascent Sky Harmony Calm
Flow Hush Echo
Tink Snowball Yoti Liquid Gold
Red Yin/Yang Snowbunny Mallard
Bob Indigo Hummer Day at the Beach Lucy