New from Award-winning Author, Kat Sawyer
"Cool, but spooky. A five-star fantasy adventure!" -- Zoey Kutsko, age 10
Catalina Kika Lucia Jones is amazing – only she doesn’t know it yet. Mother, Mami, grandma Abuelita, and her Best Dog Forever, Snifferton Woolypads live in New Mexico where nothing ever happens – until a super terrible Something plunges Kika and Sniff into a secret underground world. There, in the Belowlands, a crazy, creepy, funny Adventure turns Kika from a bored little scaredy-pants into a totally awesome tween.
Neat Characters and Messy Situations
Finding a way back to Uptop, Kika and Sniff encounter happy rapper gopher-guy Todd, the charmingly smarmy MajesT, mean-girl goddesses, and the ghost hag, La Llorona. They’re chased by boulders, swallowed by rapids, pelted by word bombs, enchanted by a magical circus, and grossed-out by really disgusting snacks.
When Sniff disappears, it will take all of Kika’s brains and heart and guts to find him, but is it already too late?
A Fresh Voice in Fantasy Adventure
In the tradition of Alice in Wonderland, with the clever wit of The Phantom Tollbooth, and the spicy exuberance of Coco, Kat Sawyer’s uniquely quirky approach handles ethnic and gender diversity, animal rights, bullying, and other contemporary issues with humor, sensitivity and without agenda.
Featuring cool black-and-white illustrations, Kika and Sniff is a fun, smart read for middle-grade kids to middle-aged kidults.